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We offer our clients full package of services that would include accounting, payroll calculation, taxation and reporting and also partially. Please see the below what our services typically include:


 Accounting services:

  • implementation of charts of accounts; mapping

  • interface with invoicing and cash management

  • general ledger

  • asset accounting

  • accounts payable, accounts receivable

Payroll services:

  • setting up and operating payroll

  • producing and issuing payslips

  • returns and compliance reports

  • calculating and paying social security contributions and withholding tax, PAYE and other contributions at local, regional and national levels

  • payment processing

Tax compliance services:

  • preparing or reviewing local annual accounts

  • preparing periodic tax returns, corporate income tax, VAT/GST returns and filings

  • monitoring payment dates for tax and social security payments

  • analysing and calculating tax liabilities on dividend payments

  • payment processing


  • designing and implementing management reports

  • preparing annual accounts based on group accounting standards, IFRS or foreign national GAAP, for consolidation purposes

  • implementing management information systems

  • assisting communication with the auditors of annual accounts

Annual reports:

  • Preparing of Statutory Reports

  • Assisting communication with the auditors of annual accounts

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